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      How to plan for retirement in singapore

      How to plan for retirement in Singapore (3 Things you can’t do without)

      How to plan for retirement in Singapore What is your definition of retirement?  For me, is not about "stop working".  It is about "to Stop Working for money". This would allow us to choose whether we want to work or not, without worrying about money.  The whole idea is being financially free upon your retirement age hence able to lead the lifestyle you desire without being obligated to work for just money.   Below are 3 things you can't do without in order to...

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      Financial planning: 4 kinds of fears all human have

      Financial planning: 4 kinds of fears all human have Regardless of your age, what kind of job you do. You will have definitely have one of the 4 fears if not all of them.  I have discovered these 4 fears in all human    #1. Afraid to die too young It is also scary to leave behind debts and unpaid loans to your loved ones in the event unforeseen events happen. How prepared are you? Are your liabilities being covered...

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      Critical Illness Coverage: 3 things you should know about it

      Critical illness Coverage: 3 things you should know about it It is one of the most commonly discussed insurance policies discussed and sold without knowing what is covered. In short, it is an income replacement policy when you are diagnosed with any of the 37 critical illnesses providing you a lump sum of money.  This is also one important aspect of retirement planning as you do not want to have your retirement fund wiped out due...

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      Retirement planning: 3 common mistakes Singaporeans can avoid

      3 common retirement planning mistakes Singaporeans can avoid After working with so many families and individuals for their retirement planning,  I realised that there are 3 common mistakes that people tend to make.      1. Disregarding higher healthcare cost?  Singapore medical inflation is scary! According to a study by AON, the medical inflation rate of Singapore stood at a high 15% in the year 2015 and 10% in the year 2016. Both numbers exceeded the global rate. If that isn’t scary enough, an NUS study...

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      3 reasons why cpf life should not be your only retirement plan

      3 reasons why CPF life should not be your only retirement plan Cpf life is good. In a comparison of return for an annuity, CPF Life still stands out in the current market but there is a maximum amount you can put in.    3 reasons why CPF LIFE should not be your only retirement plan but forming part of your retirement planning. 1)   There is no flexibility in CPF LIFE. Once you put in or top up, cannot withdraw. It...

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      How to INSTANTLY speed up your retirement planning by adding ONE thing

      Speed up your retirement planning by one thing Dear readers, If you’re reading this, that likely means you’re at the stage in life where you have started to plan (or at least think about) your retirement. Perhaps you’ve gotten started already. Bought a few financial plans, or made some investments with banks. All of that is good. This means you’ve begun to take action towards increasing your assets. Your net worth. Should all go well, all of these will...

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      Retirement planning: How much do we need to retire Singapore

      How much do we need to retire Singapore Today, I’d like to address the two most commonly asked questions by soon-to-be retirees: “How much money do we need to retire?” and "How much do We need to set aside for our retirement planning Singapore?" This is something I get asked in almost every (if not all) my meetings with clients. And for good reason. Simply because most of them find it completely unpredictable. Now, I understand that everyone has his...

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      How I Helped My Client Retire 5 Years Earlier With One Retirement Blueprint

      Retirement blueprint for retirement planning Previously, I wrote a piece talking about the 5 most important financial “must-haves” when it comes to retirement planning. In that article, I mentioned that the most crucial thing to prepare is the retirement blueprint to get start on how to plan for retirement in Singapore.  Today, I’d like to share some proof of that. A couple of months ago, I worked with a client named Mdm Low. She was a working professional...

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      5 Essential Retirement “MUST-HAVES” In Order To Enjoy Your Golden Years

      The 5 "Must Have" for Retirement planning    Attention: Anyone who thought of starting on their retirement planning.    If you’re reading this, I would like to congratulate you. You’ve come a long way. Worked tirelessly over the past few decades, and built a career for yourself. You’ve made your due contributions to your company, your family, and yourself. And now, it’s time for you to finally lay it all down, take a step back, and enjoy the fruits of your...

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      Retirement planning singapore

      Retirement Planning Singapore

      Retirement Planning Singapore  Most people think that they can't save for retirement because they need to continue to live their current lifestyle.  You may feel like you need to make big sacrifices in order to save for retirement, but that doesn't have to be the case. In fact , you can continue to live your current lifesyle and plan for your retirement at the same time. In order for you to acheive this, you will need to...

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