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      HUGE Opportunity For En-Bloc Homeowners: Enjoy An 80-90% Property Discount?

      Yes, you read that right. If your property is about to undergo an en-bloc sale, there is a way for you to purchase your next property for as little as 10-20% of the retail price. Not joking. And that’s not all. In fact, not only will you enjoy huge savings on your next purchase, but you will also be able to create a secondary monthly source of income! Sounds too good to be true? You see, what I’m...

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      3 Hidden Risks Most Property Investors Fail To Consider

      To anyone who is either interested in or has invested in property, When you think of the property market in Singapore, as well as the potential ROI of investing in property, what comes to mind? When I ask this same question to my clients, here’s the sentiment I get: “It’s long-term, but it’s safe.” “It is the most stable form of investment in Singapore.” “I can potentially make a good profit down the road!” That’s the impression many Singaporeans have about...

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      Case studies of high risk retirement planning

      The Story Of A 65-Year-Old Woman Who Gambled With Her $1 Million Savings… Without Even Knowing It

      Hello all, Today, I want to share an interesting story about a client of mine. When we first met, she gave me a brief introduction of her financial situation. At the time, she was 65 years old. Single and retired. She was renting out her empty rooms from her 4-room flat, and made a monthly rental income of about $1000. My first impression was that this was a standard case. There was nothing unusual about her situation. I’ve...

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      RISING TREND: More And More “High Net Worth” Singaporeans Starting To Seek Financial Aid?

      To all property investors, If you're reading this, it's likely that you're born in what I like to refer to as the "CPF generation". That means you were born in your time where the government was promoting home ownership, as a crucial part of our national identity. That initiative came with a lot of benefits. Singapore is well known around the world as a country where a high percentage of our citizens own our own homes. On top of...

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