cpf life options depedns how much do we need to retire in singapore

Choosing through the CPF options

Which option is better will depends on How Much Do We Need To Retire In Singapore

You should decide based on which of the 3 CPF life payout suits best for your retirement needs. That will depend on how much we will need to retire in Singapore. If you have your concern about the rising cost of living, inflation, then escalating plan might seem to be a better choice. Especially the life expectancy is expected to be rising hence outliving your own resource might be one of your retirement concern.

The escalating plan may seem to be attractive if you have other sources of income in the initial year of your retirement where the payout is slightly lower. These can be coming from your part-time work, family support, investment,  maturity sum from endowment plan so having a deferred payout might be a good idea. 

For people that do not have other sources of income, you have to decide if initial lower payout from the escalating plan is sufficient and is able to meet the needs on how much do you need to retire. If the initial payout is too low, then the escalating plan might not be the most attractive plan for you. 




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Retirement planning Singapore may be confusing and it is very common not know where to start. You can find out more over about retirement planning here:



CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS)

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You can also invest your CPF savings in your Ordinary Account (OA) or Speical Account (SA) through the CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS). The investment instruments available are like insurance products, unit trusts, fixed deposits, bonds, and shares. More details you can look at CPF website

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Do take note that for all kind of investment, there is a risk that the actual returns could be lower than those provided on the Ordinary and Special accounts. Retirement planning in Singapore is a long-term game, You might be willing to take the risk before attempting to invest. You can also read about 3 things you need to know before you invest. 


Grow your CPF savings to meet how much you need to retire in Singapore

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In order to grow your CPF savings to meet the retirement account that is needed, you can choose to transfer the savings from your Ordinary Account to Speical Account to enjoy the higher interest that the Special Account is offering. You do so as long as your amount in your Speical Account does not exceed the Full Retirement Scheme. Using the law of compounding interest, your savings will grow at a faster rate compared to the Ordinary Account hence able to meet how much we need to retire in Singapore. 

One thing that you have to take note is that this is a one-way street. Which mean the money will be locked up in the Speical Account and only use for your retirement. 


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