Financial planning: 4 kinds of fears all human have

Financial planning: 4 kinds of fears all human have

Regardless of your age, what kind of job you do. You will have definitely have one of the 4 fears if not all of them. 

I have discovered these 4 fears in all human 


#1. Afraid to die too young

It is also scary to leave behind debts and unpaid loans to your loved ones in the event unforeseen events happen.

How prepared are you?

Are your liabilities being covered if that day really come? 

#2. Afraid to live too long

Outliving your own resources can be scary, especially with the advanced medical technology. We are expected to live much longer than expected than our parents. Your retirement planning should include this part to prevent of outliving your resources. Knowing How to plan for retirement in Singapore is also important as the cost of living is high over here. Strategic asset allocation should be done in order to maximize your resources.   

#3. Afraid of losing your job

I cannot stress the importance of Setting up emergency funds. The common problem with most of clients is that having too much cash. There is a way to calculate how much your emergency funds should be so you do not lose to the value of your cash through inflation. 

Another reason why you lose your job is due to illness hence income protection due to illness is also important. The question is always ” How much of critical illness coverage is enough” 

#4. Afraid that my kids start off at a poor foundation. 

Having proper planning for kids education always put parents into a dilemma. How can give.your kids the best education without sacrificing your own retirement? 

Different people will prioritise these 4 fears differently hence everyone will need different kind of plan to cater for their needs

However as we aged, things have changed. our priorities change. Eg: kids have grown up. Your requirements and plan should alter accordingly. 

Hence you being relooking your plans and optimise them to ensure that you are having the right cure for the  right illness.

If you are unsure what you have currently in the portfolio or want to know how to optimise them through stragetic asset allocation.

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