AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE To All Singaporeans Who Dreamed Of Retiring Early, But Somehow Failed To Do So…

Here’s The REAL Reason Why Over 90% Of Singaporeans Haven’t Retired By Their Desired Age… But More Importantly, What You Can Do Right Now To Retire ASAP!

If you’re reading this, chances are you once had a dream to retire early. It could be when you were in your 40s, or even as early as your 30s.

For the majority of you, you probably had that dream when you were in your 20s. When you were much younger. When more opportunities seemed available to you.

When you dared to dream of retiring as early as 2 to 3 decades before the average Singaporean retirement age.

But alas, time flies by. Month after month, year after year. The clock never stopped ticking.

And today, you find yourself in your 40s and 50s. You’re probably married with children by now. Some of you may even have children who are about to go to university.

Yet, the retirement “goal post” still seems far away.

“Why? What happened? HOW did it happen?”

These are questions most of my clients had when they first met me. Clients who are around your age group.

When I asked them when they intended to retire, most of them told me they wanted to do so earlier. Much earlier.

And with that answer, most of them started to relay their regrets to me. Regrets over their past decisions. In their careers. In their families. In their lives.

But it’s not too late.

Today, I’m writing to you not to talk about all the “what if”s. All the “what could have been”s.

Today, I want to talk to you about what you can do NOW.

Because my friend, I’d like to make an important statement:

Missing your intended retirement age is NOT the end.

No. It is only the end when you give up on planning for it.

If you could spare the next 5-7 minutes, I’d love to share 2 things with you:

1. The REAL reason why over 90% of Singaporeans did not manage to retire at the age they intended2. HOW you can do to speed up your retirement process right now

Sounds good? Great! Let’s move on…

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Before I go on to the main point of my letter to you,I believe a little introduction is in order:

My name is Kieran Yeo. I am a Senior Financial Planner who specialises in helping individuals such as yourself create customised financial plans with one specific purpose:

To expedite your retirement. Simple as that.

At the point of writing this, I have worked with over 200 clients, providing a wide range of financial services including Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and Business Succession Planning.

Here’s What Some Of Them Had To Say:

Hashma, Sales Executive 


“Kieran did one very important thing for me as a financial planner: He helped me to actually understand my financial portfolio for once!

I have invested in a various number of financial plans, but as I’m not a financial expert myself, I was never really 100% sure of what kind of coverage I had. But after meeting with Kieran, I now have a crystal-clear idea of how my finances are protected!

On top of that, he is well-versed in his products, and he took the time to thoroughly go through my existing portfolio. He offers constant suggestions on how to improve upon it, and regularly provides updates. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a retirement planning expert!

Lee, Researcher


“Prior to meeting Kieran, I have met with a few advisers who did not provide any support or follow up. Because of that, I once had a less-than-positive view of them. Kieran has, however, changed my view on advisers!

He has never failed to make sure that I am not only well-informed regarding the current market for my investment portfolio, but to oversee my finances with an undivided level of attention.

Having an adviser whom is committed to his clients very rare. If you’re looking for someone who will provide that level of attention and expertise to your financial portfolio, look no further than Kieran!”

Cristina, Document Controller


Kieran has all the qualities of a capable financial planner: He communicates well, takes the time to understand my needs, and finally providing the most appropriate financial solutions.

But what I liked about him the most was not simply his ability to do his job, but the level of passion and sincerity he brought to the table. Working with Kieran, I have to believe he put in as much dedication and commitment to my finances as he does his very own!

When it comes to entrusting your entire finances to someone, it is important to work with someone you can truly trust. For me, there is no better option than Kieran.

For this, received the Top Rookie Award for my efforts in 2017, despite being in the industry for just 2 years.

You may be wondering at this point: “How can such a young guy be an expert in serving the financial needs of someone like myself?”

Good question. But don’t worry, I’ll be addressing that shortly. You see, there’s a reason I decided to focus my efforts in serving this particular market. And it started with a woman called Ms Chua.

When I first met her, Ms Chua was a 50-year-old accountant who was fully committed to her work. So much so that even at the age of 50, retirement was still a far-away dream.

However, this didn’t mean that Ms Chua did not care about retiring early. In fact, she had invested in various financial plans from other planners, banks, and a particular investment linked policy (ILP) where she was required to fork out over $12,000 in annual premiums.

But none of them were able to give her the financial freedom she sought. So when we met, I looked through her entire financial portfolio. That’s where I realised one thing.

Many of the benefits that her financial plans covered were offered multiple times.

In other words: She has been paying unnecessary premiums for these benefits all these years!

To cut a long story short, I worked with her to remove some of the unnecessary policies, adjusted her portfolio, and ended up helping her save about $10,000 in premiums.

After working with Ms Chua, I started to notice something:

She was not alone in her predicament. In fact, her story is nothing special. There are thousands of people out there who are facing the same financial and retirement troubles.

It is the norm, not the novelty. And this leads me to my main point today.

Many of my clients are unaware of the specific details of the financial plans they buy into. They are not keenly aware of the benefits they offer, and whether it has already been covered in one of their existing plans.

And most of the time, they don’t even know if the benefits actually apply to them, or serve their financial needs in the most effective way!

Over months and years, this takes a toll on their financial situation. They invest into retirement plans with the hope that this will help them secure financial freedom earlier… But to no avail.

So what happens as a result?

They miss their retirement age. Without even knowing why.

Does this sound like a situation you’re currently facing?

If you’re part of the majority of Singaporeans, your answer will unfortunately be yes.

So… How did this all happen? Where did it all go wrong?

And this, my friend, is where I reveal the REAL reason why most Singaporeans are going through the same retirement “woes” as you:

Most of us cannot retire early because we are not equipped with the right financial guidance.

Taking control of one’s finances is a very delicate affair. It requires a keen understanding of your financial situation. Your commitments. Your liabilities. Your assets.

But taking it one step further, it requires appropriate financial expertise. Someone who specialises in serving financial situations such as yours. Someone who has the right solution to your problem.

It is the lack of these 2 vital components that has led to such an overwhelming number of people who end up missing their retirement “deadlines”.

Many financial planners out there are able to gain a keen understanding of your financial situation.

But putting together and effective, customised and relevant financial plan to solve your EXACT financial situation? That’s where the tricky part lies.

As a financial planner myself, I have observed one important trend in my industry:

Many others like myself tend to offer financial solutions that are not solely based on their clients’ financial needs.

There are many other factors to weigh in that they have to consider.

Which, to me, is completely fair.

But I entered this industry with one goal: To make sure I serve the 40 to 55-year old market with an undivided focus and an unwavering emphasis.

I have always intended to, and will always intend to, keep the market as my top priority. And not let any other irrelevant factors disrupt my decision making when it comes to crafting precise financial solutions for the market.

This is where I introduce the second part of my promise to you earlier:

HOW You Can Speed Up Your Retirement Process RIGHT NOW.

When you meet with me

These are the 3 things that I’ll share or do for you.

    The first and most crucial step: Understanding your current financial portfolio. Doing this helps me to determine your most immediate financial needs, as well as the steps I need to take to expedite your progress towards financial freedom.
    In Ms Tan’s example earlier, I mentioned that she saved around $10,000 in annual premiums. But with this blueprint, she not only protected that money; she put it to work for her! When you meet with me, I’ll show you exactly how you can achieve this as well.
    My personal 18-step guide specifically geared to the local market. These tips will remain relevant to your finances no matter what your financial situation or needs are at the moment, so do feel free to share them with your friends!


    Most of us are confused and distracted about making key financial decisions, simply because there’s so many! When you meet with me, I will narrow it down to 5 simple decisions you can make, that can potentially transform your financial outlook in as short as 1 year!

Does the above appeal to you? And more importantly, are you ready to finally determine what your most pressing, most urgent and most important financial needs are?

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Now That I’ve Elaborated On What I Have To Offer… I Would Like To Ask 2 Things From You


All I ask in return for what I can share with you is 1 hour of your time. In that hour, I intend to help you realise the path you have to take for your finances to bloom. And if after 1 hour, you find that the sharing session is beneficial to you, we can discuss further options. If not, no obligations! 



Many of you reading this may feel some form of reservation about meeting with me. And I can empathise with that feeling. However, I can only effectively help those who are ready for change in their lives. So I ask that you come with an open mind and a strong dedication towards changing your finances!

That’s all. Promise! No obligations on my end whatsoever. No selling, no pressure, nothing.

Because I strongly believe that what I have to share will be valuable. Effective. Perhaps even shocking to some of you.

But isn’t that what we all need? Someone to tell the truth as it is. No holds barred. No punches pulled.

Someone to pull the veil from our eyes, and open up the financial realities that we currently face.

Because something needs to change. On a national level. On a societal level. On a personal level.

We need change. And for that to happen, we need TO change.

Change is always scary. But change can be good. Change can be necessary.

So allow me to be your catalyst. Let me kickstart your road to a faster retirement.

Give yourself the one opportunity to achieve your financial dreams faster!

I’d like for you to ask yourself one question:

Are you excited to alter the course of your financial destiny? If your answer is yes, today’s the day to start.

Take the first step today by filling up the form below, and I will get back to you within 1-2 working days to arrange for our appointment.  

See you soon!

To your financial breakthrough,
Kieran Yeo Senior,
Financial Consultant

If You’re a Fast Decision-Maker Like Me, And Would Like To Take The Next Step Immediately, Simply Fill Up The Form Below Right Now

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